When the Spirit Awakens to its Purpose

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A few years ago, after a catastrophic break-up following my most disastrous relationship to date, I escaped to California to heal my soul by the pacific ocean. I made it a point to visit the water everyday — I knew she could hold the weight of my immense grief.

On one afternoon bike ride along Venice beach, after I had become intimately acquainted with the sand and the palm trees along the path, the water gently dared me to release the hurt— to let go and let my heart be cleansed by the roaring waves. The tears gathered and made…

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With the recent fires in Australia, the targeted killing of Iran’s major general Qasem Soleimani, the Ukrainian Airlines plane crash in Tehran, and the general state of crisis the world is facing, grief has been a frequent visitor in my heart and in my conversations.

During the past few weeks, I have seen many responses and reactions to the onslaught of events happening near and far, ranging from hope to fear to rage. I appreciate folks trying to find a silver lining, but I feel what we need most in turbulent times, more than hope and positivity, more than solutions…

Yesterday I attended a dance class after years of avoiding the studio. I felt equally nervous and excited. I was intimidated by this art form, the one I had dedicated most of my 20’s to. I couldn’t remember what it felt like to surrender to it.

As predicted, my muscles tensed up and my entire body resisted simple movements. My internal dialogue was providing the play-by-play of my inadequacy. “You danced for 10 years of your life, why is this so hard?”

There was a pivotal moment, close to half-way through the class, where I had to decide if…

Doubt is the slow killer of dreams.

When I was younger and I wanted to do something I never thought about how hard it would be or whether I was capable of doing it. I would simply decide to do it and take action. With age comes uncertainty. The self is overexposed to toxicity, failure and negativity. Over time we build a resistance to risk. Nothing is second nature anymore because we constantly question our nature.

I am not made up of doubts, doubts are instilled in me. I am made up of certainty. …

Is it right for you?

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I’m a serial fitness goal-setter. That’s right. I’ve done it all. Dance, gym memberships, class bundles, two-week unlimited promotions, monthly unlimited promotions, home workouts, and most recently, ClassPass.

When ClassPass was first introduced I was over the moon. What? I get to go to all these awesome studios and take classes and there’s an app and oh-my-god this is fantastic!

It is pretty fantastic, but there are some drawbacks. So is ClassPass for you? Let’s find out.

How often will you work out?

Let’s put it this way, the ClassPass membership is $100/month, most drop-in classes are $20, most class…

Negin Sairafi

Writer, creator, mystic and spiritual educator — exploring human potential, consciousness and visionary futures.

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